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Voice Evacuation Systems

Voice Evacuation System increases people and property security level within the building. System requires a coordination of the controller, amplifier, speakers and  microphone running. The main function of  VES is a lucid communication with the neighborhood and transmission of the voice signal which indicates an emergency situation.  Due to its functions, voice evacuation system requires durable materials able to function properly in a harsh environmental conditions.

For the safety reasons, voice evacuation systems should be characterized by redundancy while their parameters  must be clearly précised.

Voice Evacuation Systems implemented in Poland must currently comply with the polish standard PN-EN 60849  and must be synchronized with European standards: PN-EN 54-16 for a control panel and PN-EN 54-24 for speakers. 

Nextnet provides solutions designed by Bosch Praesideo or TOA VM-3000.

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