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Data archiving and storage systems are good manners for an easier and more economical resources management. These include virtualization, deduplication (advanced data compression) and thin provisioning, which constitutes the allocation of resources according to current needs.

Storage systems provide centralized, secure, efficient and cost-effective working environment. The implementation of storage and data protection systems not only creates a fail- safe, resistant to external attacks infrastructure, but also ensure the consolidation and better use of resources and a fast creation and restoration of backups.

Nextnet provides a comprehensive implementation of data protection systems. Depending on the customer needs, we offer inventory, documentation, projects of development and modernization of the existing infrastructure, resources virtualizations, data migrations, projects of data center, specific studies, analysis and reports, implementations and prognosis of development and future needs.

Nextnet provides storage and data protection system designed by: IBM, Hewlett Packard, DELL, Fujitsu-Siemens, Oracle.

Low Current Systems | Teleinformatics

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